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Our Expertise

Anatase provides services related to Investable Indices, Passive Investing, ETFs, UCITS & 40 Act Funds
Index Design

From concept to design methodology to back testing to launch to product linking, Anatase can assist and collaborate in bringing your concept to fruition.

Markus has designed and launched 100's of proprietary indices throughout his career resulting in 100's of millions in revenue from index-linked financial products.


Monetisation involves creating Index or Financial Product content that is directly linked to proprietary research.  Anatase can help to determine how best to create investment products that generate revenues for research departments while ensuring that all Compliance and Regulatory requirements (MiFID II, MAD and MAR) are met.

ESG & Sustainability

As a seasoned expert in Environmental, Sustainability and Governance, Markus can help you to understand the ins and outs of the data, how to source it, how to interpret and most importantly, how to apply it to the investment process.

From data analysis to index methodology, Anatase can help to design an innovative approach to ESG investing.

Water Risk / Security

In collaboration with Thomas Schumann Capital, Markus designed the world's first Water Security Index family.  These indices are fundamentally weighted by each constituent's water risk (a proprietary measure of the impact to corporate earnings based on water utilisation and water stewardship at the company level.  In addition, Markus developed the first-ever "water footprint" which is similar to a carbon footprint but based on a company's water utilisation.

Data Analysis

Analysing data to determine whether it is viable for inclusion in the investment decision-making process is key to creating any investment strategy or index.  Anatase has experience with all of the major data vendors (Factset, Bloomberg, MSCI, FTSE-Russell, Morningstar, Qontigo, Refinitiv, S&P, Sustainalytics, TruCost, etc.) and can provide consultation as to the pros and cons of each and how best to utilise data to create value.

Marketing / Brand

Throughout his career, Markus has always had direct influence on how investment products and indices are presented to the public.  Creating impactful marketing materials and developing a brand is of critical importance to the success of any investment product and Anatase can help to design an effective and compelling "story" that will resonate with clients and investors.


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